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FineLaser Cut: Laser Cutting Metal Services.

Today, laser cutting is the most established laser material processing technology. Fine Laser Cut offers high precision and quality cutting of metal sheets.


-cost and time-efficient cutting of any shape in most metals

-alternative to many other machining operations.

-ideal for short runs

-easy design modifications

-unmatched accuracy and consistency

-cuts complicated and anfractuous details, unlike many other processes

Laser cutting is an incredibly cost and time-efficient manufacturing method that cuts any shapes and designs in most metals:

metal max thickness



1.50 mm (0.060")


nickel silver


1.25 mm (0.050")



1.00 mm (0.040")
brass parts 0.050" thick
aluminum 0.060" thick

Cutting area 11” x 14"
We do not have a set up fee.
We do not have minimum order requirements.
We work out of the customer's metal. It can be shipped from your supplier directly to our company. We will return the scrap.

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Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving for metals and non-metallic materials

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