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Laser Welding, Universal Multipurpose Laser System.

          The system is designed for precision spot and seam welding, high precision quality cutting, complex shape contour cutting and deep engraving. Our systems are widely used for jewelry manufacturing applications.


Manual and automatic spot and seam welding, high precision cutting and complex shape contour cutting, engraving and holes drilling of metals and non-metallic materials.


metals: stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, titanium, refractory materials (wolfram, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten, etc), copper, brass, aluminum, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) and many other alloys.

non-metallic materials: pyroceram, ceramics, crystallized glass, etc.

high precision quality cutting parameters for different materials

thickness, mm
model 1
model 2
copper, brass

Main units:

Laser: Pulsed Nd:YAG (neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet) Laser flashlamp pumped with increased peak power and adjustable Q-switch

Optical system : includes a block of power optics, TV visual monitoring and control system and changeable power optical lenses with a set of tips for welding and dimensioning.

Power supplies, cooling and control units : simmer mode power supply provides improved pulse-to-pulse stability and extended lamp life. Power ramping and pulse shaping features included. Computer is used for power supply and functional units control. Water-cooling system is thermally stabilized.

Positioning system : includes an XY-table for item moving. Z-drive is used for power optics moving. A rotation table can be supplied as an option.

Pneumatics system : includes electric valves, adjusting filters, nozzles, quick-push-in connectors and piping for gas supply into the treatment zone.

Supporting frame : has a rigid frame. Technological working area is equipped with lighting and blocking system. First class of laser safety.

Monitoring and control units : include a manual control block, a foot switch, indicators and a PC computer or a CNC system.

Software : uploading, processing and execution of task-files (that include drawings and technological parameters for the laser and kinematics system). Technological parameters can be adjusted and stored. The system has built-in control and self-testing functions. The drawing formats are compatible with major CAD systems.

Main performance specifications:

  model 1 model 2
Pulse energy, J , up to 30-40 60-80
Repetition rate, Hz , up to 160 160
Average power, W , up to 150 250
Pulse width, ms 0.2-20 0.2-20
Spot size in the working area, µm 150-2000 150-2000
Size of XY-table, mm 300 x /400 300 x 400
Focusing distance of Z-axis, mm 0-250 0-250
Positioning accuracy, µm 30 30


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